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United Legal are the Canberra medical negligence lawyers you want as your advocate. We are a law firm who specialise in serious injury cases.  For brain injury, amputee and paraplegic cases and serious spinal injury cases involving surgery.

Unlike the big firms, we don’t spread ourselves thin by taking on too many clients. At United Legal, we put three lawyers on every case. This ensures you get the professional diligence, and the medical negligence settlement that you deserve.

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Medical Negligence Lawyers

Medical scenario’s in which you can make a medical negligence claim

Best Advice from Canberra Medical Negligence Lawyers

Have you had a surgery gone wrong in a Canberra hospital? Has a medical professional that you trusted, made a mistake which has affected your life? If so, you are fully entitled to make a medical negligence claim! At the very least, come in and speak to one of our expert medical lawyers for FREE and see what your options are.

Here at United Legal, we specialise in offering quality and friendly service to our clients. We have something that most big law firms do not – and that is our full attention on your case. Our firm may be small, but this is your best guarantee of achieving big outcomes for your claims. Our three solicitors – Peter GloverRob Montagnino and Noman Farooq have decades of combined experience. They understand that medical negligence is not just about the mistakes medical professionals have made – its about the impact it has on your life and future.

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Failed Procedure

What is a failed procedure? Can it happen at the GP’s office? Does it only happen at the Hospital?

Cases that our Canberra medical negligence solicitors have worked on:

We recently had a case where gauze was left inside one of our clients which later led to the gauze putrefying! This led to our client being left with a scar which really affecting him mentally.

We’ve had clients who have exploded on the operating table! They went into surgery because they were experiencing side effects from their first surgery and their bowls exploded – gruesome stuff, but definitely a claim worth making!

We have worked with clients who have experienced massive side effects for plastic surgery whether that be breast plants or other cosmetic procedures.

Have you been to the doctors or the hospital for a procedure which has led to an infection?

We are happy to discuss any of the above scenarios with you and more!

Examples of Failed Procedure in Medical Negligence Claims:

Medication Error

How often does Medication Error occur? What is considered serious enough to start a medical negligence claim?

Medication error can occur when you are prescribed the wrong medication because the doctor didn’t take all due diligence to assure you had received the correct treatment.

However, in extreme cases it can have severe side effects. At United Legal we have had clients who have been prescribed medication without being informed about the side effects. In one case one of our clients ended up developing a compulsive disorder from her medication.

If you or someone who know have ever experienced anything like this please contact our office to find out your options.

Examples of Medication Error in Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Misdiagnosis

What is medical misdiagnosis?? How and when does it happen??

It can happen at any point whether you’re at your GP or at the hospital.

A classic example and one that sadly has been known to happen is misdiagnosis for cancer and has resulted to treatment being delayed.

Have you ever been to the hospital been discharged and told that you’re fine, but the hospital missed the signs that you had experienced a heart attack or had a stroke?

All of these scenarios not only have potentially fatal outcomes, but can be a traumatic experience for you and your family.

Our solicitors will work diligently to assist you in these claims. If you have suffered by misdiagnosis come into our office and speak to one of our solicitors to assist you and get a good outcome.

Birth Trauma

Giving birth should be one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life.

Sadly, there can be complications;

These are just a few of the areas where a mother could make a medical negligence claim.

Child birth is about bringing a new life into the world. Unfortunately, there are times where Medical Negligence can be made for the children. If something does happen to your child during child birth know that you can make a claim for them.

Birth Trauma injuries that a child can sustain during child birth are;

If any of these things have happened to your family or someone you know it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible.

We at United Legal want to assist with your Medical Negligence Claim and help you receive the damages you deserve, for what should have been the happiest day of your life.

Making a Medical Negligence Claim

Making a Medical Negligence Claim

Before we get started you should know that we work on a no win no fee basis. What does this mean? It means we can only receive fees if your case is successful. It is so important to remember that you have 3 years to start a claim in the ACT and NSW.

Even if you didn’t seek legal advice straight away if you’re within the 3 years since procedure date you can still make a claim.

When starting a Medical Negligence claim, a simple form is filled out which has been prepared by the ACT Law Society.

We will request all your clinical records from the treating medical practitioner, and have you see a Medical Expert to write a report for your claim.

Medical Negligence claims can settle before Court, so please don’t think that you will have to go to Court. We understand that you have experienced something that has really affected you and we want the process to be as smooth as possible. We will endeavour to get you the best result for your claim.

If you have any questions about a potential claim, please come into our office and speak to one of our solicitors for free. All our solicitors have worked on numerous Medical Negligence claims with a great success rate for our clients.