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Canberra personal injury solicitors lawyers United Legal, are specialist personal injury barristers and solicitors. We represent clients with personal injury and compensation claims. We battle insurance companies for compensation in the courts of the Australian Capital Territory.


The Canberra Compensation Law Firm that’s Small. Different. Better.


If you have any questions about a potential personal injury claim, please come into our office and speak to one of our solicitors free of charge.

When it’s a big case, don’t go to a large firm where you’re just one of many.  For us, it’s personal. We spend more time, and put up a bigger fight to get you justice. Unlike the big firms, we don’t spread ourselves thin by taking on too many clients.

At United Legal, we put three lawyers on every case. This ensures you get our full attention, professional diligence and the compensation settlement that you deserve. Our firm may be small, but this is your best guarantee of achieving big outcomes for your personal injury or compensation claim.

  • United Legal holds the record for the largest award of damages for an amputee case, and 
  • For many years we held the record for largest award of damages in Canberra for any case. We’re committed to doing it again.

When it comes to winning big compensation and personal injury cases, for us… it’s not everything; it’s the only thing.

Small firm. Bigger fight.

United Legal. Small. Different. Better.

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