Do You have a right to Online Privacy?

Online privacy is a common concern among Australian’s these days. Let’s have a look what is privacy and why your online privacy is important for you. Privacy is a balancing act; a certain level of personal information is often given by the individual to companies or to the government as it is a necessary part [...]
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Why you should not neglect Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can be of a broad range; physical, psychological, emotional or financial. The abuse can also happen when others fail to act and therefore mistreat or neglect an older person. Elders are generally defined to be aged 65 and over. While some have absolutely no physical or mental impairment, others may have obvious vulnerabilities [...]
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Worker's compensation-What you really need to know

Workers Compensation -What you really need to know

There are different Workers’ Compensation Acts depending upon whether or not you are employed in the ACT private industry or by the ACT Government or Commonwealth Government. There are yet again different rights for workers in the private industry in New South Wales or the New South Wales Government. They vary significantly. You really would [...]
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United legal- Personal injury lawyers

Irreparable injuries by your family doctor/specialist

Imagine how devastated you would feel when they just got it wrong, you’ve placed your trust in them and they have left you with irreparable injuries. The mistakes doctor and health professionals make are extremely common. People are often told by their doctors, even after they’ve suffered an injury, that everything went fine or you [...]
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Alternate Dispute Resolution- United legal

Alternate Dispute Resolution – The new buzz word

What is alternate dispute resolution? Alternate Dispute Resolution means trying to sort out a problem without having to go to court Going to court costs a small fortune. This is great for us, because we’re lawyers. We make more money when we go to court. It’s not best for you though. The best thing is [...]
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