To deal with a total and permanent disability (TPD) either in the form of physical injury – like a loss of a body part, or the ability to see, hear and speak, or any kind of mental illness like depression or anxiety is a challenging life moment. This becomes more difficult when the disabled are unable to make a successful TPD claim. It is truly the worst experience when a person is unable to provide for his family and bring food to the table. For the issues like these, it is paramount to comprehend the importance of the TPD claim. In such circumstances, a TPD insurance policy helps. Most people think that it is difficult to obtain a permanent disability claim, however, this certainly is not an issue when you hire an expert TPD lawyer. Moreover, if someone thinks that they are incapable of working because of their disability they are eligible for the TPD claim.

What is a TPD Claim?

The meaning of TPD is Total and Permanent Disability. It refers to a process of demanding financial assistance for a disability, illness, or life financial security. As the injured or ill cannot make it to the work, they are eligible and entitled to the TPD claim. The process is usually complicated and a myriad of people lose a chance to get a TPD claim without proper preparation and the right knowledge. TPD claim ensures an insurance benefit that can be claimed by the injured who is unable to work due to severe illness without the guilt of not providing to families. It is a lump sum payment plan provided to the policyholders for your leave from work. Life insurance or TPD claims usually are already in the superannuation policies that can be claimed in case of severe injury or illness. It is an insurance policy that is sufficient for a lump sum insurance benefit. As the claim process is often exhausting and frustrating, having said that, asking for professional advice and assistance may increase the opportunities of the TPD claim to reach success. Australians often forget to realize that they can claim TPD benefits through their leave insurance.

What is a TPD insurance?

TPD insurance is a lump sum payment to injured or ill people unable to work or move outside to earn. This payment can be utilized to purchase medicines or medical treatment, any rehabilitation or financial security to the family. There are multiple illnesses and injuries that can be handled with the payment provided by the TPD claim. Some of them are:

  1. Spinal Cord Injury
  2. Loss of Limbs
  3. Loss of Eyesight
  4. Organ Failure
  5. Brain Injuries
  6. Vascular Disorders
  7. Neurological illnesses
  8. Mental Health illnesses.

TPD insurance covers it all for the people. It can be updated according to the change in the circumstances when one has any other responsibilities like a child or wife.

TPD Insurance Claim Process?

Mostly, like any other insurance, there are specific steps and eligibility requirements that are considered in a TPD claim process and a few steps not to be followed. It has a shorter time span than other insurance claims. Professional TPD lawyers can help the chances of a successful claim and helps in understanding the entire process to answer specific questions. With the right lawyer, the claim can be received within 4 to 6 months. Not every claim is similar to another due to different injuries and illnesses. The documentation also varies to fill out and provide by the claimer.

How to make TPD Claim Successful

This article will provide brief steps for a successful TPD claim. There are seven successful elements to be noted while reaching the successful TPD claims.

  1. Hiring a Professional TPD Lawyer

TPD claim is considered to be a difficult and tiresome process. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional lawyer with good years of experience. This way the case will get successfully won.

The first stage of a TPD claim is to know the insurance coverage entities. It can be through a fund or the insurance that is been purchased independently. There are different benefits of working with a specialized lawyer in this field. He will have complete knowledge of the process and be able to help through every step of the claim. With their help, it will be easy to gather all relevant and important documents and evidence to support the claim. They will have the best compensation for you and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies. Also, it will be easy to represent the TPD claim in court and the lawsuit will go to the stage of a trial. This ensures the coverage details and expected compensation from insurance. The chances are higher of getting the benefits once the experienced lawyer takes the case

  1. Understanding of Policies

To claim successful TPD insurance it is important to comprehend the insurance policies completely. One of the major issues for the denial of claims is the failure of unable to comprehend the policies, proper definition, eligibility criteria, and awareness regarding allowances. Having a better understanding of the policies helps in winning a claim. Just an example is that some policies ask to get proper treatment before the qualification of insurance. In some cases, already existing medical illnesses are excluded from the policies, which may lessen the chances to win a TPD claim. As per the variations in policies, it is important to know the TPD policies to have a positive outcome afterwards. Make sure that the insurance is valid at the time of injury and is still valid. The best idea is to start with the total permanent disability lawyers through the entire process.

  1. Understanding of TPD Covers

The TPD covers apply to those who are severely injured and they are different from the policies. The TPD cover will impact the information that the insurer needs to approve the claim. If the definition of TPD cover is not satisfactory there are fewer chances of TPD claim success. There must be a clear understanding provided by the insurer about the assessment that will take place as per the claim. So that the providers of TPD claims know the struggles and challenged of the injured. To have valid insurance one should know what the insurance cover exactly is. It protects the person unable to return to work or any work. This is a significant part if someone is filing it for work security it can result in severe conditions like arthritis. The approach must be implicit and easy.

  1. Complete Application for Coverage

A TPD insurance claim needs a submitted application to the right office. Using the important documents and medical reports that include all medical bills, recommendations, details of the injury and other required documents additionally support the claim forms. The insurer can ask for further details. The application or form must be filled correctly and tick marked all the right boxes. Insurers mostly reject non-watertight claims, therefore, proving clear evidence of the injury like X-rays and workers’ compensation helps the claim and makes it successful because application alone usually never stands out to earn a TPD payout. For people who work themselves the process may drag, and the chances of failing to get a TPD claim are higher and insurers will continue to ask for more information. Therefore, working with personal injury lawyers helps with the necessary documentation and gets approval for the TPD claim. Moreover, their support and guidance are a win situation in the claim process. The help of an informed TPD lawyer gets people away from frustration and easy application.

  1. Write a Statement for Coverage

A detailed letter explaining why there is a need for a TPD claim and why it ought to be approved as an important step as others. In order to be approved a brief, precise, and detailed letter for approval of coverage is important with valid claims about the personal situations and issues. A formal well-crafted letter explaining the condition to insurers and the need for TPD insurance coverage to ensure coverage. This letter needs to address why there is a need for a TPD claim and why the application holder is the right person. A well-written application shows that there is a conversation with TPD lawyers and medical experts to develop a strong claim. Every year, insurance companies receive thousands of applications that are not properly formatted and poorly written not meeting the requirements.

  1. Constant Follow-ups

Constant follow-ups and actively asking about the claim from your insurer means checking that whatever is included in the application is all that was required for the evaluation. As insurance companies have to keep a check on multiple applications every year, it is obvious that they never tell if anything is missing before the denial of the TPD claim.

  1. Do not Give Up

Rejections are a part of the process. Claims often get denied the first time. If it gets rejected it does not mean that it will never be approved and it’s the end of the coverage. Reach out to a lawyer to resolve the rejection and take professional guidance to prepare for the next application.

Need Help from a TPD Lawyer?

United Legal Canberra helps injured and ill people to find superannuation funds and TPD claims even if the funds are closed years ago. Our expert lawyers help even if the TPD claim is rejected. It is important to seek advice from a lawyer experienced in TPD claims and insurance laws. Reach out to our representative and get a free consultation. We will investigate your insurance rights and act immediately. For more details get in touch at (02) 6295 2283 or email us at and make an appointment it only takes a few minutes.


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