Abusive Marriage: Legal Impact on Divorce & Assets

abusive marriage

Divorce is inevitably a time of pain, stress, and great contemplation. With emotions at a heightened state, many cases also involve children, which increases complications. Adding to that, other matrimonial assets and financial settlement are other important matters that can be difficult to deal with in the middle of all this. While the whirlwind of events is already an exhausting time, a vulnerable party may also find themself in an abusive marriage.

Family Lawyer – 8 Common Myths About Divorce


When talking about family law issues, it seems as though everyone has a personal anecdote or piece of advice to share. However, while they are good intentions, such information can often lead to misconceptions about family law generally, a person’s entitlements, the legal costs and proceedings. Hence, a family lawyer can help navigate legal complications to avoid any misconceptions.

Custody Lawyer – Sole Custody After Separation

custody lawyer

Australian Family law deals with child custody through the Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court, and occasionally the Local Court. All of these courts deal with parental responsibility, child custody, along with financial and other arrangements for the child. However, since these cases step into legal grounds, you must reach out to an experienced and well-reputed custody lawyer to represent your case and navigate any legal complications.

Divorce Lawyer Canberra – Applying For A Divorce


A divorce can be extremely stressful and bring multiple complications. Hence, while you consider and apply for divorce, it’s always a good idea to contact a divorce lawyers and explore your legal options and associated risks. Usually, a divorce is a fairly simpler procedure. However, many circumstances can shape it into a complicated event where you will require legal guidance, especially if it involves children and other family members. Matters like these tend to escalate to Court and can lead to property settlement and relevant issues.

Property Settlement Mediation: Separation & Divorce

Property settlement mediation

In the event of divorce, it can often result in a traumatic situation for all family members involved. Hence, it is crucial to be able to sort through any legal matters respectfully, with a neutral third party, often a mediator. Hence, many people opt for property settlement mediation.