Filing a Winning TPD Claim in 7 Simple Steps

Filing a Winning TPD Claim in 7 Simple Steps

To deal with a total and permanent disability (TPD) either in the form of physical injury – like a loss of a body part, or the ability to see, hear and speak, or any kind of mental illness like depression or anxiety is a challenging life moment. This becomes more difficult when the disabled are […]

How to File a Successful Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury claim

Personal injury claim means any claim for damages caused either to the person or his property. It usually happens in civil cases, and various damages are available for the injuries sustained.
The injured party might claim monetary damages or injunctions for the injury caused, and the damage covers a variety of medical bills, emotional distress, and wage loss.

Car Accident Case – Everything You Need To Know

car accident case

If you are a victim of a car accident case in ACT, understand that you are not alone, and a Canberra car accident solicitor can represent your case. Moreover, it is crucial that you have sufficient information about the motor vehicle accident compensation claim process. It ensures that you have the information and legal advice you need to make the right decision for yourself.

Notice of Claim – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Notice of Claim – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

A notice of form is essentially an intention to sue that you give to the respondent before making a legal claim in court. If you do not do so, you need to consider the possibility of non-recoverable costs of filing a claim. However, a notice of claim can be used in several situations, including claims for deductions.

Car Accident Death in Canberra – How To Make A Claim


In the event that a person dies in a motor vehicle accident, then their family members and other close relatives may be able to claim financial compensation under the Compensation to Relatives Act 1897. Close relatives include a range of relationships such as wife, husband, de facto partner, sister, brother, half-sister, half-brother, parent, or children.

How To Make A Will & Why It’s Important

make a will

A will is one of the most important legal documents that you need to have. However, it is crucial that you write your will carefully, with legal advice, to avoid any legal battles in the future. A will or Last Testament is a legal document that formally declares the distribution of your assets after your death.

Here’s What Happens If You Die Without A Will In Australia

what happens if you die without a will

A will is a legally binding document that entails your concerns and decisions for the distribution of your assets after your death. In the event that you die without a will, it will become “dying intestate.” Hence, certain laws of intestacy will apply. At a time like this, the main concern is the distribution of assets and assigning responsibility for administering their estate. Here’ what happens if you die without a will in Australia.

Letter of Demand – How To Get Your Money Back Legally

letter of demand

A Letter of Demand is typically a formal request addressing an outstanding debt. If an individual or company owes you money but hasn’t responded to any of your other requests or invoices, then you can use a Letter of Demand. The debts are usually regarding payment for services, rent, money lent without any supply of goods, and so on. There seems to be an endless list that includes business debts or individuals who didn’t receive the payment for their services. A Letter of Demand is typically a formal approach for any debts you may need to recover.

Going To Court – How to Write A Character Reference?

character reference court

A character reference is a legal document – essentially a formal letter – that demonstrates the person’s good character involved in legal proceedings. The writer is usually a person who knows the accused individual and can vouch for them. In Court, a character reference must be clear and specific.

The tone and content of the reference are crucial during legal proceedings to allow a magistrate, registrar, or judge to consider the letter in light of the legal charges.

Motor Vehicle Accident – How to Claim Compensation in Canberra

Motor vehicle accident canberra

If you or a loved one was involved in a car or motor vehicle accident, whether in Canberra or other states, you should know about your legal rights.
A motor vehicle accident can be frightening and bring devastating impacts such as life-threatening injury, loss of income, etc. However, a third-party insurer can’t provide all the information you need at a time like this. You have one chance to make a claim, and it’s crucial that you take legal advice from experienced lawyers who can represent you in court and demand maximum compensation.