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Debt Recovery

This booklet is the A-B-C on how to recover money without having to pay people like us.

Lawyers are expensive; bloody expensive (yes, we speak plain English). There are ways, however, to recover money for your work or goods that you’ve sold to somebody without going through lawyers.

Below, we explain how, but before we do, we get that cashflow is essential for business. Without it, there is little point in being in business. People often spend a lot of time trying to recover what they are rightfully entitled to. We want to make that process simpler for you.

There might come a time in the process where you need help. It might be that the amount you are owed is quite large or there’s a particular reason you want to enforce a debt against somebody.

That’s when you should call us.

But for smaller debts, for example less than $25,000, you really shouldn’t be using a lawyer if you can avoid it. Most lawyers charge anywhere between $400 and $600 an hour. It’s very easy to run up a bill well in excess of $25,000 trying to recover $25,000 – there’s no point to it.

To be perfectly honest, even in our own business as lawyers, we quite often just write off debts. It may be at times, when you look at it sensibly, you’re wiser to write off a debt rather than lose your own business time or paying your staff trying to recover a debt.

That ultimately is a matter for you, however, you obviously should try to get paid.

If you decide to go the distance, this booklet will explain how.

So let’s get started.