character reference court

Going To Court – How to Write A Character Reference?

A character reference is a legal document – essentially a formal letter – that demonstrates the person’s good character involved in legal proceedings. The writer is usually a person who knows the accused individual and can vouch for them. In Court, a character reference must be clear and specific. The tone and content of the reference are crucial during legal proceedings to allow a magistrate, registrar, or judge to consider the letter in light of the legal charges.
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Motor vehicle accident canberra

Motor Vehicle Accident – How to Claim Compensation in Canberra

If you or a loved one was involved in a car or motor vehicle accident, whether in Canberra or other states, you should know about your legal rights. A motor vehicle accident can be frightening and bring devastating impacts such as life-threatening injury, loss of income, etc. However, a third-party insurer can’t provide all the information you need at a time like this. You have one chance to make a claim, and it’s crucial that you take legal advice from experienced lawyers who can represent you in court and demand maximum compensation.
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NDIS & Autism – How Does NDIS Support Individuals & Children?

The NDIS includes support and funding for many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, navigating the complexities of the NDIS funding, applying, and getting your application approved, can seem a more tedious process than expected. While the NDIS covers Autism, it is crucial to ensure eligibility for the scheme.
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How To Become An NDIS Support Worker

How To Become An NDIS Support Worker in Australia?

Regardless of your age, skills, educational and cultural background, or lifestyle, you can always give a second thought to your career. Over the next five years, Australia is expecting a dramatic rise in the 65 and over population. Hence, thousands of Australians will look into more health and social work-related jobs, and some will question – “How do I become an NDIS Support worker?”
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What Is NDIS Support? – Application, Funding, & Support

If you are unaware of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding, you might still be beginning your disability support journey – working through the diagnosis, treatments, and other relevant assessments. Many disabled victims are also opting for privately funding therapies, state funding, and other means to support themselves. Irrespective of your current sources, it’s essential for you to find the best support for your circumstances.
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plastic surgery fails

Plastic Surgery Fails – How To Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

Every surgery will involve certain risks. In every surgical case, the surgeons and surgical staff must possess the right level of experience and skills. However, there is still a possibility of significant surgical risks. While some cases involve unavoidable risks (where the risks would’ve been significant irrespective of the surgeon), others involve avoidable surgical risks where the blame shifts to the surgeon or surgical staff.
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top public liability claim lawyers

How to Make A Public Liability Claim? Negligence, Evidence, & Compensation

If you were injured due to someone’s negligence, you may be able to file a public liability claim. Citizens, organisation, and governments need to abide by the “duty of care” that ensures the safety of every individual in the country. Moreover, the duty of care is applicable in all public spaces – parks, footpaths, commercial properties, retail outlets, etc.
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Personal Protection Order & Family Violence Order – Eligibility, Evidence, & Possible Settlements

Your safety is your right. If anyone tries to threaten or intimidate you verbally, sexually, or physically, you can apply for a Personal Protection Order. The person responsible can be either a family member or someone unrelated to you (your neighbor or someone at your workplace). The Court issues Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) and Family Violence Orders (FVOs) when an individual requires protection from an act of family or personal violence.
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Sexually Abused Victims Compensation: How Much Can You Get?

Being sexually abused or assaulted is not an uncommon occurrence anywhere in the world, including Australia. This crime can affect both men and women, small children, young people, teenagers, and adults. We understand that compensation for sexually abused victims Australia cannot make them forget everything. We cant imagine their pain.
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10 Most Common Mistakes When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Being injured is never a pleasant experience. If you have been injured due to someone’s mistake, you have the right to seek compensation for your injury under the Australian law. However, by making certain simple personal injury claim mistakes, you may delay the process of receiving your compensation.
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