Medical Malpractise


Medical Malpractice A lot of people think Medical Malpractice Claims are limited to suing for botched surgery. Medical Negligence cases cover basically anybody who provides treatment and can cover specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, speech therapists and essentially everyone who provides treatment. Medical Negligence is whenever you are injured, or […]
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Will and Estate planning

Will and Estate Planning

Will and Estate Planning Will and Estate planning can be complex. A question we get asked quite frequently is, why can’t I draft my will myself? There are heaps of DIY will kits out there that you can download for free from the internet, or buy for a few dollars. So why on earth would […]
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Amputee Awarded A Million Dollars

Amputee Awarded a Million Dollars Hi, we’re United Legal, your friendly boutique law firm here in Canberra. You might have known us previously under other names such as Scott, Shiels and Glover. We’re the same people – affordable, down-to-Earth and ready to listen – just a different name. Despite our boutique size, we love taking […]
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Referring lawyers

Earning Money by Referring Lawyers

Hi, who would have thought that you could earn good money form referring lawyers? You might remember us. We, United Legal, are now based in Fyshwick. It may have been that you remember us as “Scott, Campbell & Sheils” or “Scott, Sheils & Glover”. If you do, you know? Peter Glover still heads up the […]
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Family lawyer canberra

Family Matters and Disputes

Do you have a family law problem? Have you just broken up with your partner? Is your partner not letting you see the kids? Not sure how to deal with the house and other assets? Well you’re not on your own. At United Legal we’re not big fans of other family law firms. Law firms […]
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Workers compensation lawyers canberra

Are you eligible for Workers Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation Injured at work? Injured on the way to work or on the way home? If you are suffering from a personal injury and it happened whilst you were doing something for your job. You are entitled to make a compensation claim. Every Australian employee has rights if they get injured at work. The […]
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ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLIGENCE Have you got a few grey hairs?  Are you getting on in years? Then you might be like the Senior Partner in our law firm. He is getting older but hates to be called old. What he hates even more though is when the elderly people are abused. He really hates […]
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FINANCIAL ELDER ABUSE Elder abuse can take many forms. We have published on our website quite a bit of information about Elder abuse. Right now we want to talk about the financial aspects of Elder abuse. People in the twilight of their lives are preyed upon by others to get access or control over their […]
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Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Plastic and cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and so are medical negligence claims. Unfortunately, the instances of botched procedures are also increasing. Your Time and Money You pay a surgeon to hopefully improve your appearance, help lift your self-esteem and confidence. You’re not paying them to make you […]
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