Fraud & Deception – Criminal Charges in ACT


Scams already run rampant around the world and cover a range of situations where scammers entice people to invest in wealth opportunities, take advantage using false pretences, or security threats at large scales within or between organisations. In the Australian Capital Territory, the law recognises such acts of deceit as fraud. It is typically a criminal offence in Canberra that may vary in terms of scale but can usually involve large sums of money.

Sudden or Extraordinary Emergency Case – Proving in Court

sudden-or extraordinary emergency case

A person criminally responsible for an offence is not guilty if they show that they committed the acts because of a sudden or extraordinary emergency. In such cases, it causes any person with ordinary powers of self-control to act in the same way as the accused. Moreover, such cases create extraordinary circumstances that are responsible for the offence.

Everything You Need To Know About The Self Defence Law In Australia

self defence law

Self defence is typically a legal concept that can render unlawful conduct lawful. It implies that the self-defence law may apply when your actions may be against the law but were also a safety response to defend yourself from an attack. However, the person must demonstrate their actions to the necessary standard to prove their actions were a form of self-defence

Strict Liability & Absolute Liability Offences – Criminal Law

strict liability

Law involves various technicalities that can be difficult for a common citizen to understand. However, criminal offences and their prosecution commonly follow similar overarching guiding principles. The significant difference is how each specific state handles the case. If you are facing charges of strict liability offence or absolute liability offence in the Australian Capital Territory, it’s crucial to get a better understanding of the two offences.

Insane & Sane Automatism – How To Prove It In Court?


When an accused person confesses that their offence was an involuntary occurrence, they raise the defence of automatism. The criminal law covers the defence of automatism, which implies that the Court cannot find an accused individual guilty if the act occurs independently of their will. Automatism, however, depends on the nature of the crime. If the crime does not require the accused to act voluntarily, then automatism will not apply.

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra Q3/2019

Crime report Canberra

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra highlights criminal activities occurring in the ACT during the last three months and what action to take if struck by one. Canberra, the Australian Capital has a population of approx 400,000. While it’s not the country’s most dangerous city, it does have it’s fair share of criminal activity. Getting a sense […]

Admittance, conviction and being charged for a crime

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