Work Injury Victims – How much compensation can you get in 2024?

Work Injury Victims - How much compensation can you get?

If you suffered an injury at work, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Many work injury victims are eligible to receive lump-sum compensation for lost wages, medical costs, and future earnings if the injury impacts their working capacity.
A report from Safe Work Australia confirmed that 120,355 workers’ compensation claims were reported in 2019 and 2020. This created an urgency for intricate safety regulations for workplaces to comply with, ensuring employee safety.

What is Workers Compensation? – A Complete Guide

Worker Compensation claims

Worker compensation is a form of insurance that benefits workers who sustain an injury or come into contact with a disease due to their workplace. These injuries range from the usual slip-and-fall cases to severe psychological trauma. Worker’s compensation also covers any medical condition that develops over sometime during the employment.

WorkCover Solicitors – Why Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Claim?


The workcover compensation scheme is a complex area of law, and it comprises common law and legislation. While it is possible to file a claim independently, workcover solicitors have adequate experience and skill to handle your claim for you and ensure you have the legal documents and evidence you need.

Income Protection Insurance – Everything You Need To Know

Income Protection Insurance

illness, or injury. The insurance pays a part of your lost income and helps in keeping up with bills and other finances so you can focus on your health and wellness. If a partial or total disability has significantly impacted your ability to work, then the income protection insurance will pay
Up to 90% of pre-tax income for the first six months
Up to 70% of pre-tax income for a decided timeframe after six months.
Income protection insurance aims to replace your lost income – calculated by your annual earnings. It begins prior to the start of your disability, illness, or injury and can continue for up to 12 months. Each income protection policy explains partial or total disability differently. Hence, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria before applying for income protection insurance.

How Workers Compensation Claims Have Increased During The Pandemic?

workers-compensation-claims-covid 19-2022

As the borders reopen and COVID-19 restrictions ease, businesses reopen their doors again, leaving workers in distress. Australia expects to see a rise in COVID-19 related workers’ compensation claims as employees fear their health during the pandemic. Many lawyers have come forward to ensure safer workplaces and vaccinated staff, so workers don’t sue their bosses.

Psychological Injury – How To Make A Worker’s Compensation Claim?


If you’re an employee and are a victim of work-related psychological injury, you are entitled to workers’ compensation on a successful claim. However, they may be difficult to prove due to several factors.
The worker must contact a medical professional to verify the psychological injury to apply for the claim.

How Much Public Liability Insurance Do I Need?

public liability insurance

You can determine the amount of public liability insurance you require by the type of work you do and whether or not your clients expect a certain level of protection.
Coverage limits for public liability insurance are £1 million, £2 million, or $5 million. The maximum amount your insurer will pay out in the event of an insurable claim is the cover level.

Can You Claim On Multiple TPD Policies?


If you’ve recently suffered an injury or illness that necessitates filing a total and permanent disability claim, you’re likely to have a lot of questions about how the TPD claims process works. You also probably want to know if you can claim multiple TPD Policies.

How Much Lawyers Charge For TPD Claims?


Depending on the type of policy issued, filing a TPD claim can involve a few different steps, and you may need to file multiple claims. However, as with many other types of claims, having an experienced attorney on your side can be beneficial. But how much do lawyers charge for TPD claims? And how does the process work?