Imagine how devastated you would feel when they just got it wrong, you’ve placed your trust in them and they have left you with irreparable injuries.

The mistakes doctor and health professionals make are extremely common. People are often told by their doctors, even after they’ve suffered an injury, that everything went fine or you will improve and it will be alright in the long run.

The truth is, doctors often lead people to believe that even though they’ve suffered an injury, it wasn’t the doctor’s fault or it’s all going to be okay, when in fact it’s not.

The most common errors that doctors make are as follows

1. Misdiagnosis

Making mistakes in diagnosis is common error. A faulty or an incorrect medical diagnosis can result in injury or harmful treatment. It often means the treatment will be ineffective and can prolong a person’s suffering.

2. Delayed diagnosis

Quite often doctors just don’t get onto the diagnosis as quickly as they should. Delays in medical diagnosis can obviously result in people not getting proper treatment. For example, cancer sufferers can die simply because a doctor didn’t diagnose the disease quickly enough.

3. Medication errors

Medication errors occur when making mistakes in the course of medication that is prescribed. Prescribing the wrong dose or simply not giving the right drugs can have catastrophic effects for patients.

4. Infection

There are infection risks with medical procedures or whenever anybody is hospitalised. Some infections can become quite serious resulting in golden staph and the like. They can even be deadly. They can leave people with lingering injuries for months and even years.

5. Botched plastic surgery

We are increasingly seeing more and more case of plastic surgeons who don’t get it right. The result is often people come out looking worse than when they went in. A regular complaint is that people say they didn’t go in to have their breasts looking a lot worse and sagging more or being mis-shaped. They asked for an improvement, not feeling devastated as a result of the botched boob job.

6. Birth injury

It’s quite common for people to have complications both through pregnancy and when giving birth. There can be all sorts of errors associated with premature babies, long labor, placentas.

7. Surgical errors

Surgeons and anesthetists often make mistakes. Some surgeons are excellent. Some are not. Often foreign material or items are left within the body. Stitching is not completed properly. There can be the slip of the surgeon’s knife or various other problems during surgery.

Medical mishaps don’t only occur with doctors and surgeons though. There can be nurses, dentists, hospital staff , pharmacists, anesthetists, cardiologists, allergists, colon and rectal surgeons, dermatologists, family physicians, gastroenterologists and geriatric medicine specialists. They all make mistakes from time to time.

We most commonly see that people’s basic instincts are right. Forget what the doctors told you if you think that the treatment you have received has resulted in some medical mishap. Rely upon your instincts. Come and see us. It’s not going to cost you anything to visit us.

United legal has a range of expert doctors that we can refer you to, to investigate and provide a report as to whether or not the treatment or procedures or diagnosis etc that you have been given accords with the proper standard that should be afforded to you by a medical practitioner.

What to do next?

If you feel that you’ve been the victim of some mishap the answer as to what to do next is simple. Call us.

Take our advice about how much it will cost to pursue a claim.

We will tell you how long it’s going to take to resolve your claim.

We will take you through step-by-step in a very clear and simple manner as to what the process will be.

The first step is probably the most important and the simplest. Pick us the phone. Talk to us.

It’s not going to cost you anything to talk. It’s not going to cost you anything to come and see us.

We are not so money hungry that we charge you for every minute. We are quite prepared to look at your matter and investigate your claim. If we look at it and you don’t have a claim, we will tell you.

We are quite proud to say however that when most people come and see us the result isn’t that they just leave us with advice that they have got no claim. Experts at United Legal explore every possible claim and pursue a successful outcome.

We have run over 8,000 claims in our firms. We’re sorry to say we did lose two. We are pretty confident that if you have a got a problem. We will be able to help you.

Pick up the phone.

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