Accountant’s Negligence

Have you lost money because of an unreliable accountant?

Have they made a bad investment on your behalf?

Did they file your tax return late and cause a fine?

Have they given you advice, which lost you money?

If your answer is yes, here at United Legal, we can help.

We believe that you should be able to trust that your accountant will give you solid advice and protect your financial interests and that when they fail to do so, you should receive compensation and recover your losses.

Your Accountant’s Obligations to You

Your financial advisor owes you what is known as a duty of care, meaning that they must, by law, act ethically and professionally to protect your interests.

This can include understanding what your financial goals are; keep up to date with financial products, services and opportunities which are available to you.

They also must ensure that they do not give you advice, which is outside their area of expertise.

You may also, which is often the case, have a contract with your financial advisor. This could be either a written or a verbal contract.

Your financial adviser is bound to comply with the terms, express and implied, of your contract.

If you suffer a loss because of your financial advisors’ advice or actions, this could further be a breach of contract.

Some examples of Accountant Errors

Whilst not all ‘bad’ advice is negligent – if we can prove that, you suffered a loss because your accountant did not exercise reasonable care and skill when giving you advice, you could have a claim.

Some common examples of financial errors, which could give rise to a claim, include:

What to do

A successful claim for compensation against your financial advisor requires proof of three things:

  1. Your financial advisor owed you a duty of care,
  2. They failed to act according to professional and legal standards,
  3. Consequently, you suffered a financial loss.

We want to help you with this.

If you think that your accountant or financial advisor has been negligent in relation to your money, please come in and speak with us.

Here at United Legal, we can help you claim compensation and recover your losses.

United Legal operate on a no win, no fee basis – if you don’t win, we don’t get paid.

We fight for you and your right to compensation.

To find out more about your rights, and potential claim, come in for a free consultation with one of our specialist lawyers today.


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