Amputee awarded a million dollars

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Because we’re good at it. Ever been through the absolute worst and not known who to call? Maybe a serious motor vehicle injury? We can help.

(Ivon Rohan Shaw Hardham v Sydney Joseph Flood & Marian Gail Flood Trading As Topcat Bobcat [2001] ACTSC 107)

Our client, Mr Ivon Hardham, suffered a horrific foot injury when instructed to operate a BOBCAT MACHINE without any experience or instruction.

How outrageous is that?? Just imagine paying someone good money to work on your land with heavy machinery, and instead of bringing their own staff, they make YOU do the work when you have NO IDEA how to work the machines!

When our client raised this issue, he was hit with the old “She’ll be right” in response.

Absolutely ridiculous, we thought.

Not only was the machine unregistered, there was no seat belt in the machine.

Inevitably, the machine lurched forward, and Mr Hardham slid forward, the arm of the bobcat crushing his right foot. Our client’s foot was completely amputated as a result!

By far the most despicable motor vehicle injury we’ve seen.

Like many of you, our client worked as a public servant high up in the ranks.

In addition to a bucket load of medical cost and future expense (about $720,783 for prosthetics, socks, sheaths and liners, travel expenses for prosthetic treatment, visits to the amputee specialist, household modification) he lost about $370,000 in future income.

What Did Mr Ivon Get?

We got Mr Hardham $986,058, but realistically, no amount of money could ever compensate his loss. Which is almost a MILLION DOLLARS!

Our client was a healthy, happy man with a lot to give this world before his accident.

Due to the professional negligence of one person, Mr Hardham has suffered so much more than he ever thought he would.

Our partner, Mr Peter Glover, saw how much Mr Hardham was going through and was determined to help.

Peter’s the sort of bloke who’d never give up on your case, would never stop fighting until the point has been proven. He’s the best personal injury lawyer we know.

In our day-to-day lives, you’d never think anything like this could happen to you – but it can, and it’s United Legal’s job to know the law, and we’re here day and night to help you fight your case.

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis. Don’t win? Don’t pay us.


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