Choosing the right law firm

We understand that choosing the right law firm can be an incredibly stressful process.

When you find yourself in need of a lawyer it typically comes off the back of some horrible experience such an accident, the breakdown in a relationship, an incident involving police – all of which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Irrespective of why you need a lawyer, you need someone you can trust, someone who will not add to your stress at this time.

You need to find a lawyer who:

But where to start?

How can you tell if a lawyer and their firm embody all these qualities?


Here at United Legal, many of our client’s come from referrals from previous satisfied clients.

Our first tip would be to ask friends, family and colleagues to provide a recommendation.

Other professionals including accountants and tax agents often know of reputable lawyers who could assist you.

Google Search and Client Feedback

A quick google search of law firms in your area can be a good indicator of client satisfaction, and therefore of the quality of the firm.

Things to consider would include, their star-rating and webpage.

A good webpage would include information about each lawyer, practice areas, and likely some information about fees.

An important indicator may also be blog posts – if the firm has not posted any new information on their site recently it may be an indicator that they are overwhelmed and likely will not have much time to dedicate to your matter as you would like.

This is as compared to a firm who regularly seeks to inform their client base.

Other Considerations


An important question may be whether the lawyer specialises in the area of law your matter is in.

There are many areas of law and it is not possible for one lawyer to be first-rate in all of them.

Here at United Legal, we specialize in personal injury matters including motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence and public liability incidents. We additionally specialized in worker’s compensation matters, family law matters and are branching into criminal areas.

Lawyers in Canberra

Picked your firm – but who is responsible?

It is important that you know which lawyer is responsible for your case.

At United Legal, we pride ourselves on taking an incredibly hands on approach and get to know our client.

We want you to feel comfortable with your chosen solicitor and visa versa so that if difficulties arise, you know who you can contact to get prompt assistance.

Legal proceedings can also be quite intimate, so you want to be comfortable with who is representing you, you need to be able to trust them.

Legal Fees

Lawyers are under an obligation to provide you with clear information as to their fees.

Typically, this will be in the form of a ‘costs agreement’. It is important that you read and understand this agreement.

You are entitled to a ‘cost estimate’, which is how much you matter could reasonably costs to run.

Some firms, including United Legal, operate on a ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis. This means that you only pay your legal fees if you win your case.

Here at United Legal we understand that choosing the right lawyer is an important decision. We try to make the process as easy and tailored to your needs as possible.

If you think you may be in need of some legal advice, we encourage you to check out our website and come in for a free consultation to see how we can assist you.



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