Hi, who would have thought that you could earn good money form referring lawyers?

You might remember us. We, United Legal, are now based in Fyshwick. It may have been that you remember us as “Scott, Campbell & Sheils” or “Scott, Sheils & Glover”.

If you do, you know?

Peter Glover still heads up the teams and is the same easy-going and determined man he has been for over 30 years. 

We have now moved to Fyshwick to be out where the workers are.  You will probably remember that we are not a snotty or snobby big firm and like to deal with everyday people. That of course, can include businesspeople.

People Don’t Like Lawyers, Right?

People see lawyers as cold, unfriendly, and difficult to understand. We do not ever want to be like that.

That’s why our motto is small, different, better. We try to live by that code.

Though we have many areas of practice in which we excel, we have specialized in personal injury areas such as motor vehicle accident claims, workers compensation claims and medical negligence matters.

United Legal has additional expertise in family law including in divorce, custody and property disputes, and commercial disputes including debt recovery, will preparation, property transactions.

We have further had success in areas of criminal law including abuse claims. 

We are particularly interested in serious motor vehicle accident claims.

You will probably have heard that the government recently change the law on motor vehicle accident claims. Sadly, over 90 percent of people who have had a motor vehicle accident, will have a very limit number of rights.

There are still many people who are seriously injured. For a long time, we are happy to say that we held the record for compensation from a motor vehicle accident claim in the ACT of over $10 million. We have conducted many serious motor vehicle accident claims.

Whats Do We Have To Offer You?

In all businesses it is necessary to get new work. You will see many law firms now advertising on the internet, television, and radio.

They pay a lot of money to major companies to conduct that sort of advertising.

We would rather pay money to those who have helped us in the past – that is people like you, former clients.

We would like to develop this relation. At the same time, we would like to pay you for it.

DO you know anyone that has had an accident in any of the above areas? Do you know anyone who needs a lawyer generally?

We ask that you simply refer them to our practice. If we take them on as a client, we will provide you with a referral fee – usually between $500 to $1000.

We have some clients who earn between $10,000 to $20,000 per year simply by sending clients over to us.

One of our key strengths is that we do not take on too many clients. We would rather have a small number of clients and get better results for them. Hopefully, we have done this for you in the past.

Just make sure that, if you do refer someone, that they mention your name and that you contact us about this client. If we sign them up as a client, depending on the requirement of the client, we will give you a gift – which is typically between $500 to $1000, depending upon the matter.

You see, we like to operate on a win-win basis. We would rather give a gift to you for referring us a client, rather than some multinational company. Our part of the win-win equation is that we get new clients – pretty simple eh.

So, if you know anyone who could have a serious motor accident claim, workers compensation claim, a medical negligence claim, or even a family law dispute or commercial dispute, send them over to us.

Disclaimer: Referral fees are subject to limitations imposed by ACT state and Federal legislation.


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