How to Claim Whiplash Injury Compensation in Canberra?

Whiplash injuries are a form of neck injury frequently sustained in car accidents. This injury consists of the body suffering harm when a person’s neck moves forwards and backwards involuntarily, often due to the sudden deceleration of a motor vehicle common to car crash incidents. 

What are the symptoms of a whiplash injury?

Oftentimes it may not be obvious if you have suffered from whiplash as the effects can occur not immediately following the incident which caused the injury.

As such, proceeding a car crash or other event which may cause whiplash, you should look for symptoms, such as: pain, soreness or stiffness in the neck; headaches; spinal and back pains; and dizziness.

To add, whiplash injury can cause damage which is sustained into the future, which includes varying degrees of short term memory loss, a lack of ability to focus and other assorted brain injuries.

However, regardless of the symptoms, the most important thing to do following an accident which may have resulted in whiplash is to seek legal advice. 

How can you claim whiplash compensation?

There are a variety of claims you can make if you have suffered from a whiplash injury as a result of someone else’s actions.

Claims can be made on the basis of the actual physical injury and the pain and suffering which arises, but also on the medical expenses which are required to remedy the injury.

The amount which can be claimed on this basis would be determined by the extent of the injury and the cost of the remedy.

You can also claim on the basis of income loss from an inability to apply for or attend work due to the sustained injury. As such, this injury can be a complex area of personal injury law with many aspects which must be carefully considered.

If you are worried about a whiplash injury and want to make a claim, contact us and we’ll provide quality, expert legal advice for your claim. 

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