Motor Vehicle Accident

Matthew was struck by a car whilst riding on a suburban street in Tuggeranong. He was only 11 years old that time.

He was riding from a park across a roadway on a windy road. As he approached the road, he could not see the oncoming traffic because of a tree that had been planted by the ACT government.

The driver who was coming towards the point of impact where Matthew was trying to turn onto the road, but couldn’t see the vehicle because of that tree.

The tree was so big, that it actually spilled out onto the road. This made it impossible for the boy to see the car and for the car to see the boy.

The motor vehicle accident resulted in giving catastrophic injuries to the small boy.

How We Dealt With This Case

This was an extremely hard case because the little boy was so injured that he could not give us any assistance as to how the accident happened.

We had to reconstruct the accident using many engineers, arborists.

We left no stones unturned even had to trawl through boxes of discovered documents from the ACT Government relating to the planting of the tree and landscape architect plans.

On a sad note, the young boy was described as a spastic quadriplegic by the surgeon who saw him at the Canberra hospital immediately after admission.

As the injuries were severe for the young boy. The surgeon advised his parents that they should go home and simply let him die. His parents, like us, were not prepared to accept that advice.

Above all, we fought this case for six years.

Eventually, we were able to bring the case to court.

With the help of his parents, and we obtained a finding against the ACT government that they should have to pay Matthew’s damages.

In conclusion Matthew did lose a small amount.

At the end of the day, he had ridden out onto the road, but he managed to recover a majority of his damages from the ACT Government for planting the tree.

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