Quarterly Crime Report Canberra highlights criminal activities occurring in the ACT during the last three months and what action to take if struck by one.

Canberra, the Australian Capital has a population of approx 400,000. While it’s not the country’s most dangerous city, it does have it’s fair share of criminal activity.

Getting a sense of the pattern of crime in the city as well as the frequency enables you to determine how to keep yourself safe and how to take action to reduce it. An excellent first step is to analyse Canberra’s crime report.

Canberra Crime Report Analysis

A total of 7,731 offences were committed in the city between March and June this year. While this figure might seem mild compared to some other cities that are notorious for being dangerous, it is still a disturbing one.

The most crime-stricken region of the city in this period has been Belconnen (2056 offences), followed by Inner North (1826 offences) and Tuggeranong (1255 offences).

Theft and Property damage in Canberra

Theft and property damage appear to be among the most common criminal acts being committed in the city.

As a 2018 news report suggested, they have been on the rise, with armed robberies experiencing a 21 percent surge and vehicle theft going up by a massive 41 percent.

Australian Capital Territory experiences 41% Rise in Vehicle Theft

Sadly Belconnen takes the lead concerning property damage (410 cases), while Inner North has experienced the highest number of theft offenses (614) within this period.

Personal Injury in Canberra Crime

As far as personal injury is concerned, sexual assault is particularly prevalent in Inner North (13) and Belconnen (11). The same regions take the lead in assault cases as well, with 145 and 113 cases, respectively.

Not a single instance of homicide has been reported within this period, which is good news.

Many factors influence these figures. However, it appears that the tendency of criminals to re-offend, coupled with drug addiction, is the main cause for this concerning rise in crime. 

A recent Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission report indicates that Canberra has some of the highest usages of illicit drugs in the country.

These figures represent the criminal acts that have been reported by the citizens. So it’s possible, that more people are feeling confident about reporting the offences that they have suffered.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has a higher crime reporting rate than the national average.

according to a report published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics,

What a Canberra resident should do if they are the victim of criminal activity and want justice?

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