Strata law is all about the control, procedures and authorisation of land use and development.

Strata law considers all the issues developers, occupiers, operators, vendors, businesspeople, and the ordinary Joe face when wanting to develop, buy, manage, sell, or use strata titled properties.

What are Strata Titled Properties?

Possessing strata or unit title allows you to own a part of a property (such as a lot, apartment, or townhouse)

Not to forget shared ownership in the Common Property (eg. driveways, gardens, foyers, entrances, garbage areas, swimming pools) all through a legal entity known as an Owners Corporation. 

Basically, it’s the kind of ownership title devised for multi-level buildings or horizontal subdivisions with shared areas.

Units Management

It has become a lot more common for people to purchase apartments and townhouses rather than traditional free-standing homes with no shared land space.

But with all the benefits of these properties comes new levels of proximity between you and your neighbour Bob – sharing driveways, entrances and increased noise pollution.

Sometimes issues can arise and lead to disputes.

Planning and Development Applications

In the ACT the Unit Titles Act 2001, Unit Titles Regulation 2001 and Planning and Development Act 2007 govern this area of law.

The type of developments that exist under these strata properties include

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