Insane & Sane Automatism – How To Prove It In Court?

When an accused person confesses that their offence was an involuntary occurrence, they raise the defence of automatism. The criminal law covers the defence of automatism, which implies that the Court cannot find an accused individual guilty if the act occurs independently of their will. Automatism, however, depends on the nature of the crime. If the crime does not require the accused to act voluntarily, then automatism will not apply.
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Crime report Canberra

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra Q3/2019

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra highlights criminal activities occurring in the ACT during the last three months and what action to take if struck by one. Canberra, the Australian Capital has a population of approx 400,000. While it’s not the country’s most dangerous city, it does have it’s fair share of criminal activity. Getting a sense […]
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