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Family Matters and Disputes

Do you have a family law problem?

Have you just broken up with your partner?

Is your partner not letting you see the kids?

Not sure how to deal with the house and other assets?

Well you’re not on your own.

At United Legal we’re not big fans of other family law firms. Law firms don’t get paid when you don’t fight.

It’s a pretty screwed up system.

When your lawyer makes more money by you not sorting out your differences with your ex.

Sadly the Family Law Courts are swamped and understaffed.

It’s not uncommon for a family law stoush to go on for years and to cost you and your ex a small fortune in legal fees.

At United Legal, we would prefer it if you got to keep most of your assets rather than paying legal fees.

We’re big fans of finding ways of avoiding the expense and stress of going to court.

What about the kids?

Usually the most fought over matter is who the kids get to spend time with.

This is often where tactics from a separated couple can get a little nasty. Often after a split, the accusations start flying to try and paint a bad picture of your ex-partner.

Sometimes the accusations are well founded and the cause for real concern.

Other times though the accusations are thrown about to try and achieve an unfair advantage and when there often isn’t a real concern at all.

That makes us sick.

Kids should spend time with both parents unless there are really good reasons why that should not happen.

Usually the last issue is whether one of the partners should be paid maintenance for a child that they have in their care or to their ex-partner.

That can be complex as well.

Division of assets

The next most contentious issue is how will the assets be divided?

Whoever gets the kids usually has a right to claim more of the assets.

It’s sad that often the kids in a family law fight can be used as pawns to try and get a bigger piece of the pie.

Whilst the division of the assets is based on a number of complex issues, two sensible ex partners being properly advised should be able to come up with a resolution without needing to waste money on going to court.

A drawn-out fight in court could costs you and your ex-partner half the house you were arguing about.

So, if you have had a bust up with your partner, come and have a free chat with us before things get out of hand.

We’ll give you some practical tips on how to avoid the family law fight and save money.

If you’re ex-partner won’t play ball and you are forced to go to Court, we’re happy to hold your hand through that process as well.

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