Can’t pay the bank because you have been injured at work?

Has an accident at work meant that debt collectors are now chasing you?

We often see people who have been injured at work and cannot make basic living payments.

It is horrible.

It is bad enough that you have been injured but add the stress that can come from financial strife because you have been off work and it can be unbearable.

Something has to be done.

Something can be done.

At United Legal we specialize in worker’s compensation matters and can help you get back on your feet, and then some.

Rob’s personal injury case

Rob was involved in one of our more serious work-place accidents.

Rob was injured when a crane hit a 2-tonne column which caused the column to fall on him.

Unsurprisingly, Rob suffered horrific physical and psychological injuries. 

But in addition to this, he was off work. Which meant he had little to no income.

After a period of time, he was struggling to pay his bills and could barely afford decent groceries.

We listened to his story.

We fought had for several years for Rob and eventually got him a settlement of $1 million.

Worker's Compensation - United legal

Here at United Legal, it does not matter how difficult your compensation claim is, or how long it takes.

We believe in putting in the hard yards to ensure that deserving people like you are compensated.

In fact, we do not take too many clients so that we can fight harder and spend more time on your claim.

In every worker’s compensation matter, we are in it for the long haul with you.

We achieve results and leave no stone unturned.

If you have suffered a workplace injury or illness, please call us.

We would love to speak with you.

Come in and have a chat and a cup of tea – it does not cost anything.



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