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Are you eligible for Workers Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation

Injured at work?

Injured on the way to work or on the way home?

If you are suffering from a personal injury and it happened whilst you were doing something for your job.

You are entitled to make a compensation claim.

Every Australian employee has rights if they get injured at work.

The injury does not even have to be the result of your employer’s negligence.

Don’t downplay the injury

Most employees when they are hurt at work have no idea that they have the right to make a claim.

Some employees are too scared to tell their boss that they have hurt themselves or are worried what their co workers will say about them.

Not telling your boss or downplaying the injury is the worst thing you could do.

Your employer is obligated by law to report the injury to their workers compensation insurer as soon as possible.

Your place of work should have accident notification forms which you should fill in as soon as you possibly can.

Apart from filling in the injury forms for your work, you really need to go and see a doctor as soon as you can.

It is important that you tell the doctor as much as you can about your injury.

Its easy just to focus on that one part of your body that really hurts and forget to mention those parts that hurt less.

The workers compensation insurer pays for any medical expenses related to your injuries.

You also should not miss out on your pay if you need to take time off work to get better.

You absolutely should not be asked to use your sick leave. If the reason you are off work is because of the injury you suffered in the workplace.

Employers often try this on for size. This is illegal.

What to do in a accident at workplace?

  • Fill in an accident notification form which your work should have.
  • Make sure you tell your boss you have got an injury.
  • Go and see your doctor. Make sure you tell your doctor about everything that hurts. Leave nothing out. Go to your doctor, not the doctor that your employer wants you to go to.
  • Make sure you keep all your receipts for doctors and pain killers
  • Give copies to your employer so that you can be reimbursed.
  • Don’t rush back to work because you feel pressured. Go back when you are medically OK to go back and when your doctor says you are OK. You don’t get prizes for being a hero and going back before you are ready.
  • If you think you are under pressure to go back to work too soon, are not being paid for time off or your treatment, call us at United Legal.

We hate seeing injured workers treated badly by their bosses. A good boss will realize that you are an asset and that getting you back to health is their responsibility. 

Do not be thrown out on the scrap heap!

If you feel your employer is treating you like this, call us at United Legal.

We love taking on and beating employers who treat the injured workers like commodities.

We love taking on workers compensation insurers too that only care about getting you off their books at any costs. Even if you haven’t properly recovered.

We have seen all the tricks and know that sometimes workers compensation insurers and dodgy employers don’t always play fair.

The oldest trick in the book is getting a doctor that almost always writes reports for insurers to say that there can’t be anything wrong with you anymore after seeing you for half an hour.

Don’t think there is nothing I can do. There is and it starts with calling United Legal for a free chat.

We’d love to help you if we can.



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