NDIS Housing Scheme – Here’s What You Need To Know


The NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme – provides support to people with disabilities to help them achieve independence and lead more fulfilling lives. This Federal, state and territory governments fund and govern the NDIS in Australia and launched it in 2016. Recently, the NDIA released another aspect – the NDIS Housing Scheme.

COVID-19 Notice

Coronavirus COVID-19 Notice

Corona virus COVID-19 Notice by United Legal. This COVID-19 Notice describes Canberra Law Firm, United Legal’s approach for continued delivery of legal services during global pandemic crisis. Dear valued and prospective clients, Australia is facing unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances. United Legal is fully committed to looking after the health & safety of both our clients […]

What Happens to your Will After Divorce?

What happens to your Will after divorce?

Marriage, separation, divorce and undue influence are all factors that can affect your Will after divorce. Validity of Will after divorce? Whether you’re celebrating a new marriage or celebrating the end of one, it is important you understand the effects this will have on your Last Will and Testament. Marriage and your Will Sure, getting […]

What You need to put in your will?

Writing your will

Worried what will happen when you kick the bucket? You don’t have to be! The following blog post covers what you need to put in your will. What is a Will? Did you know you can make sure your favourite child gets all your possessions, even when you’re not around anymore? That’s right! A Will […]

The Canberra Cannabis Law

Canberra Cannabis Law

Stoners in the ACT got some welcome and surprising news last month of a new Canberra Cannabis Law. The ACT Legislative Assembly passed a law which will make it legal (sort of) for an adult to possess small amounts of marijuana in the Territory from February next year. We are really worried though. It doesn’t […]

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra Q3/2019

Crime report Canberra

Quarterly Crime Report Canberra highlights criminal activities occurring in the ACT during the last three months and what action to take if struck by one. Canberra, the Australian Capital has a population of approx 400,000. While it’s not the country’s most dangerous city, it does have it’s fair share of criminal activity. Getting a sense […]

Your Right to Online Privacy?

Online Privacy

Online privacy is a common concern among Aussies these days. Let’s have a look what is privacy and why your online privacy is important for you. Privacy is a balancing act; a certain level of personal information is often given by the individual to companies or to the government as it is a necessary part […]

Alternate Dispute Resolution – The new buzz word

Alternate Dispute Resolution- United legal

What is alternate dispute resolution? Alternate Dispute Resolution means trying to sort out a problem without having to go to court Going to court costs a small fortune. This is great for us, because we’re lawyers. We make more money when we go to court. It’s not best for you though. The best thing is […]