Worried what will happen when you kick the bucket? You don’t have to be! The following blog post covers what you need to put in your will.

What is a Will?

Did you know you can make sure your favourite child gets all your possessions, even when you’re not around anymore? That’s right!

A Will is a binding document which after your death, clearly distributes your assets according to how YOU want,

What you need to put in your Will – the important stuff

Most importantly, you should specify your funeral arrangements. If you want a massive party to celebrate sending you off, chuck it in your Will!

Who will be the executor of your Will is one of the most significant pieces of information you need to include. An executor could be a relative, friend or a colleague. They must be over the age of 18! This will be the person responsible for executing your Will, so make sure it’s someone you trust. 

It’s also important you specify in your Will who you intend to distribute each item in your estate to. These are the people known as your beneficiaries.

You can also exclude people from receiving any part of your estate. If you don’t want your pesky cousin to inherit your favorite necklace, you just need to say so!  

What happens if you don’t have a Will?

If you die without a valid Will, the law of intestacy will apply. This is a strict legal formula which ultimately leaves you with NO say as to how YOUR assets are distributed. Could you imagine working your whole life to pay off your dream house only for your least favourite sister to inherit it when you pass? No thanks! 

My last will and testament
My Last Will and Testament

It is important for you to have your affairs in order before your passing. This will not only give you peace at mind, but also your family. Where there is no Will, or where there is a Will which is flawed or invalid, the legal procedures can be time consuming, expensive, and also create more hardship for your family. If losing you wasn’t hard enough, imagine having to deal with boring lawyers too!

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