Medical Malpractice

A lot of people think Medical Malpractice Claims are limited to suing for botched surgery.

Medical Negligence cases cover basically anybody who provides treatment and can cover specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, speech therapists and essentially everyone who provides treatment.

Medical Negligence is whenever you are injured, or worse off, than you would have been if a responsible doctor had been treating you.

Frank’s Medical Negligence Case

A tragic case that our firm worked on involved an elderly man named Frank.

Frank was in his 80’s but still living alone and supporting himself with minimal care.

He had children who would sometimes visit and he typically worked on music and other hobbies at home.

Frank had both knees reconstructed a few years ago. This was so that he would be able to retain some independence for a few more years and decrease pain in his joints.

The surgery was a success and over the next 6 months Frank diligently attended rehab to improve his knee strength. This is when it all went wrong.

Frank was trying out a new rehab technique which involved standing and sitting with support of a harness.

The idea was to get his knees used to this movement again so he could stand unassisted.

Frank was placed into the harness for this exercise and they began to lift him up to get in position.

Frank was being held in a standing position a few centimetres when one of his legs became tangled in the harness.

Because of that it started twisting which caused Frank an immense amount of pain.

The therapist breached his duty of care by not properly supervising the treatment, which resulted in suffering injury.

Frank, an 80 year-old man who was recovering from knee surgery was dropped onto his legs and then fell to the floor.

Frank has not been the same since and he doesn’t think he will fully recover.

He has been robbed of some of the last active years of his life which, but for being dropped while in rehab, he would by all reports have had.

What Should You Do?

Call us, Call us, in case we haven’t made it clear CALL US!

Medical Negligence is scary because it often comes from people you are meant to be able to trust entirely.

If you think anything like this has happened, come talk to us.

We are experienced lawyers in Medical Negligence with over 35 years of legal experience.


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