Things That Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The truth you want the truth about insurance companies The truth about accidents, injuries, and compensation. Well here it is people, people like you work hard, you sacrifice, you help the world exist and continue to survive. You get paid and part of that payment you pay or contribute to insurance companies Motor vehicle CTP […]
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Compensation Claim Canberra

What Is Your Claim Worth?

How much is your claim worth? Money received from medical negligence is typically referred to as damages. Medical Negligence is a complicated area. As previous posts have shown, starting and building your claim can often require significant technical skills from your lawyers. However, from a client perspective, the most important and potentially most ambiguous area […]
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TPD insurance compensation lawyers in Canberra

Things You Need To Know About The TPD Insurance Cover

What is TPD Insurance cover? When it comes to insurance, there is a myriad of covers available to the consumer. One of these includes Total and Permanent disablement (or TPD) insurance cover, a form of cover aimed towards those with the most serious of injuries. TPD insurance is commonly purchased as an optional extra with […]
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Slip and fall injury canberra

5 Things to Know: Slip and Fall injury claims

Learn 5 things about Claiming compensation for slip injuries and fall injuries If you have slipped and fell due to another person’s action or negligence, you may be able to claim compensation for up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this in mind, here are 5 vital aspects of slip and fall injuries to know […]
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Whiplash Injury Canberra

How to Claim Whiplash Injury Compensation

How to Claim Whiplash Injury Compensation in Canberra? Whiplash injuries are a form of neck injury frequently sustained in car accidents. This injury consists of the body suffering harm when a person’s neck moves forwards and backwards involuntarily, often due to the sudden deceleration of a motor vehicle common to car crash incidents.  What are the symptoms of a […]
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Medical Negligence Lawyers

Medical Negligence Lawyers – When Do You Need Them?

Medical negligence is when a doctor or medical professional causes you harm by breaching his or her duty of care. But one of the most important parts of your medical negligence cause is proving liability. Liability is a legal term that essentially means proving that it was someone’s fault that you were injured. As difficult […]
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Motorbike accident canberra

Making a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

Making a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim in Canberra? Over the years, we have run plenty of compensation cases for motorcyclists who have been injured by someone else’s carelessness on the roads. There are a few things that come up in motorbike accidents that don’t come up in car crashes, and so this blog post will […]
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Strain injury canberra

Can You Claim for Repetitive Strain Injury?

Repetitive strain injury occurs when muscles, tendons, and nerves are overused and are damaged as a result. This often occurs in the wrist, fingers, back, neck, legs, arms, and elbows. If this injury causes restrictions in your everyday and work life, you have reasonable prospects of success in a compensation claim for lost income, medical […]
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