Are You A Victim Of Elder Abuse?

FINANCIAL ELDER ABUSE Elder abuse can take many forms. We have published on our website quite a bit of information about Elder abuse. Right now we want to talk about the financial aspects of Elder abuse. People in the twilight of their lives are preyed upon by others to get access or control over their […]
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Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Plastic and cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and so are medical negligence claims. Unfortunately, the instances of botched procedures are also increasing. Your Time and Money You pay a surgeon to hopefully improve your appearance, help lift your self-esteem and confidence. You’re not paying them to make you […]
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Medical Negligence lawyers canberra


Medical Negligence Compensation Some mistakes can be life threatening. If you have been misdiagnosed, you may be eligible for medical negligence compensation. Failure to diagnose properly or misdiagnosis often is the first step in a medical negligence lawsuit. No matter how competent a doctor, surgeon, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, psychologist or psychiatrist is, mistakes can happen. […]
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Coronavirus COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 Notice

Corona virus COVID-19 Notice by United Legal. This COVID-19 Notice describes Canberra Law Firm, United Legal’s approach for continued delivery of legal services during global pandemic crisis. Dear valued and prospective clients, Australia is facing unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances. United Legal is fully committed to looking after the health & safety of both our clients […]
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Making a car crash compensation claim

How to Make a Claim for Car Crash Injuries (ACT)

This is the second post in a series on making Motor Vehicle Accident Claims. If you haven’t yet, read about The First Steps to make a claim for your injuries here first. So, you’ve been in a collision on a road in the Australian Capital Territory and sustained injury. Obviously you want to ensure a […]
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Motor vehicle accident-Uniteed legal

What to do in a car accident?

What you must do if you’ve been in a car accident or crash on a road within the Australian Capital Territory. The First Steps following a Motor Vehicle Crash in Canberra: 1. If you haven’t already, get a date with your favourite doctor: Injuries from motor vehicle or a car accident aren’t always immediately apparent. […]
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What happens to your Will after divorce?

What Happens to your Will After Divorce?

Marriage, separation, divorce and undue influence are all factors that can affect your Will after divorce. Validity of Will after divorce? Whether you’re celebrating a new marriage or celebrating the end of one, it is important you understand the effects this will have on your Last Will and Testament. Marriage and your Will Sure, getting […]
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Writing your will

What You need to put in your will?

Worried what will happen when you kick the bucket? You don’t have to be! The following blog post covers what you need to put in your will. What is a Will? Did you know you can make sure your favourite child gets all your possessions, even when you’re not around anymore? That’s right! A Will […]
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