Workers compensation claims-United Legal Canberra

Workers’ compensation – what does it really mean?

There are many types of work-related injuries Well first, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment. If you have been injured in a workplace accident you would typically seek to recover compensation from the workers’ compensation insurer wages, rehabilitation, and medical costs. However, in certain instances, you can also lodge what […]
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Injured at work?

Can’t pay the bank because you have been injured at work? Has an accident at work meant that debt collectors are now chasing you? We often see people who have been injured at work and cannot make basic living payments. It is horrible. It is bad enough that you have been injured but add the […]
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Choosing a law firm Canberra-United Legal

Choosing the right law firm

Choosing the right law firm We understand that choosing the right law firm can be an incredibly stressful process. When you find yourself in need of a lawyer it typically comes off the back of some horrible experience such an accident, the breakdown in a relationship, an incident involving police – all of which can […]
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Planning law Canberra

What is Strata Law

Strata law is all about the control, procedures and authorisation of land use and development. Strata law considers all the issues developers, occupiers, operators, vendors, businesspeople, and the ordinary Joe face when wanting to develop, buy, manage, sell, or use strata titled properties. What are Strata Titled Properties? Possessing strata or unit title allows you […]
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Hit and run canberra-United Legal

Hit and Run Accidents

Been involved in a ‘hit and run accident’? Not sure who you can get compensation from? Never heard of the Nominal Defendant? It can be scary and confusing when you have been involved in a hit and run. You have been injured, sometimes gravely. Your motor vehicle is likely damaged, and you think you will […]
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Elder Abuse Australia

New Elder Abuse Laws

NEW ELDER ABUSE LAWS New laws, unseen anywhere else in Australia, will be coming into effect in April 2021. These laws will criminalize any neglect, violence or abuse inflicted against vulnerable people within the care of individuals or organisations.    The new laws will protect people aged 60 and over, as well as adults who […]
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Elder Abuse Lawyer Canberra-United Legal

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence is a legal term that is everywhere right now. You will hear it on TV, read it in the news and might even have spoken with people about it before. Medical negligence is then a specific form of this which focuses on the healthcare industry. There are three elements of negligence which must […]
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Surgery Mishap

Have you had a Surgery Mishap?

Surgery mishap? Botched Boob-job? Misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose? If any of these statements sound like something that has happened to you, or someone you know, then you may have a medical negligence case and could be entitled to compensation. Our tips: You have to trust your instinct with these things, if you think something […]
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Debt recovery-United legal

Someone owes you Money?

Debt Recovery Do you owe someone money? Worse, does someone owe you? The angst of debt can be one of the most painful processes to chase. It is all a game; you need to know when to wait and when to attack. Let us walk you through the first few steps. Let’s say someone owes […]
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Accounting law-Canberra

Accountant’s Mistakes Cost You Money…You Can Sue

Accountant’s Negligence Have you lost money because of an unreliable accountant? Have they made a bad investment on your behalf? Did they file your tax return late and cause a fine? Have they given you advice, which lost you money? If your answer is yes, here at United Legal, we can help. We believe that […]
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